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the Gryphon comforting Naiee over the loss of Naia

The Gryphon is a creature that the 2 brothers encounter on their journey to find the tree of life.


The Gryphon is a mythical creature that possesses the head of an eagle, body and tail of a quadrupedal animal and wings. As such, it is capable of flight over long distances and is capable of transporting a small number of people over those distances, shown when it transports the brothers across a destroyed bridge and when it transports Naiee home.


The Gryphon is seen three times throughout the game, first seen trapped in a giant's tower and being studied. The brothers free it and they ride it across the destroyed bridge, but seemingly expires on the cliff it lands at to drop off the brothers.

It is later seen towards the end of the game after burying a dead Naia, comforting Naiee and taking him to his home to cure his father.

it is last seen just before the credits flying away from Naiee's home as Naiee sadly watches his father cry over the loss of Naia.


  • It appears to be a previously unknown creature, as it was being studied in a giant's tower
  • Its wings appear to be quite strong, as it was able to pull Naiee to it with a single wing pull
  • The Gryphon appears to be friendly and non-forgetting, as well as resilient. the reasons are because the Gryphon took Naiee home in a friendly gesture (possibly because Naiee was the one who freed it) and appears to expire earlier, before coming back.
  • It is believed that the brothers' father had hunted Gryphons, as he appears to keep Gryphon feathers on his fishing poles. This is further supported by the fact that Naia picks up a feather and examines it before having a flashback to fishing with his father, before discarding the feather.